For many years I worked mostly in two and three dimensions in mixed media, more and more exploring various ways of letting the materials speak for themselves, to step off the paper or canvas and inhabit real space. This led to a progression of small-scale mixed media sculpture, using both human-made and natural materials. I also continue to often work on a flat surface, using some combination of paint, collage, ink, graphite and textiles. Most recently, I've started to work almost exclusively building sculptures in clay.

My work has evolved from an engagement with nature from early childhood on, and a study of energy and awareness through Eastern spiritual traditions through most of my adult life. By working mostly with abstract forms, I hope to encourage the viewer to feel the aliveness within them that is beyond categories and labels.

In working with different materials I try to follow what they want to do, where they want to go, how they can assert their own reality. Whether I'm working with a pen on paper or putting shapes together, I'm always asking: do you want to go here? to be this? until at some point the answer comes: of course! this is who you are!