Odd CoupleBlue SpigotFetish Figure OneFetish Figure TwoLight SnailOrbitsRed BalloonRed StretchSea SpriteSurface TensionThe PoseViewfindersWinging It, Large BirdWinging It, Small BirdWinter BirdYour MoveLucy's DoorbellDreamerBaja FigureCrouching FigureSweet ChariotRiver WalkOptic NerveKey WestMeditationForward MotionEmbraceAnybody HomeHidden in the Square IIBlossoms with PropellerPerforated BlossomsBlooming in the WindYellow Voyager
Mostly Metal
Junkyards full of cast-off metal pieces have been a prime source for the materials in this group of sculptures. Friends also bring me things they find, whether a spiral from a notebook spine or something found along a roadside. I look for things that make gestures, or have moving parts. I love the fact that these things had different, functional lives and are now in a new arena where they may come alive.