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Work with Clay
A link with humanity's deepest past, clay has its own particular fascination. It's the most direct way of making form, and when I work with it, as I've recently started to do, I feel I'm in a continuum that goes back to the most elemental human consciousness. I'm still at the beginning of exploring this, and seeing how it will link with my work in other media as well as that of all the previous molders and shapers who have gone before.

The "Beings" and "Vessels" I've been creating for the past year have as their close cousins the ceramic, metal and wood pieces that were formed as votive objects, holders of human consciousness, in cultures all over the world. Many have found their way to museums and other public venues where most viewers won't know their specific uses or history, but will still keep being drawn back to their mystery, humor and aliveness. The pieces I make will be necessarily of the 21st century, made by this person as a product of her particular culture, but I hope they will resonate as part of that long human history of consciousness becoming particular.